2016 SaaS Survey

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About the Pacific Crest Private SaaS Company Survey

Pacific Crest’s Private SaaS Company Survey is one of the leading reference materials on financial and operating benchmarks for the SaaS sector. Covering respondent data ranging from revenues, growth and cost structure, to SaaS operations, distribution strategies, customer acquisition costs, renewal rates and churn, the annual survey has become an invaluable benchmarking tool for the performance metrics of SaaS companies, helping to steer decisions for success among SaaS companies and their investors. Each year hundreds of senior executives from SaaS companies around the world participate anonymously and confidentially in this survey. Our 2016 survey was conducted online, primarily via email invitation to private SaaS company CEOs and CFOs, in June-July, 2016.

For more information about Pacific Crest’s SaaS investment banking practice, please contact David Spitz (@dspitz or dspitz at pacific-crest.com). You can find additional SaaS resource materials, including past survey results, here.

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